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Let’s enjoy English! 4

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I’ve studied English for about a decade,and hoped that my English ability improves,though I’m not sure of it.

While I’m sure I can manage to make myself understood in English,I can’t use the right word in the right place according to the time,the place and the occasion.

When being in an official place,there should be the way of speaking which fits to the place,but I don’t know it at all. Fortunately or not I’m not sure,but I’ve had little chance to do so far,so it seems that I won’t be worried about it in the future,but I’m sure I have to bear it in my mind,to my sorrow I’m not a splendid English speaker.

I’ve wanted to express everything in English,but needless to say I find it hard to do. When finding something interesting to express,it doesn’t always mean that I can start it at once,for there is other one in which I’m engaged then.

The later I’ve started it,the older the information becomes,it can’t be helped. Where am I going? Roughly speaking there are still 400 letters which I can express. I don’t know why it is.

The number of letters is usually limited within 1000,but it seems to be 1400 at this time. The more letters I can express,the better I feel,though I doubt whether I can express the number of 1400 letters this time here.

I’ve been get used to the number of 1000 letters,so this time I find it long. It is by far warmer today,spring has come,I’m wfondering.

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    【The State of California.】

    《It’s a forefront of a popular thing in which the people are interested in and it led a collapse for the city.》

    Other celebrities from California is Steinbeck who wrote The Grape of Wrath,a football player O.J.Simpson who was arrested with the suspicion of murdering his wife.

    The ones who played an active part after moving to California was Raymond Chandler who was an author and wrote Big Sleep and Long Good–by. Elizabeth Taylor who is actress famous for her times of getting divorce.

    Nagoya and California are a sister cities. Except for them,more than 50 cities in the State have relation with Japanese city as sister. The coast of the Pacific Ocean and its opposite shore,Japan have a close distance each other.

    There is a simple house like a farmhouse where the former President Nixonin was bonr in the eastern suburb of Los Angels. NIxon library on which large amount of money of $ 21 million was spent was open next to the plain house in 1990.

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    【The State of California.】

    《It’s a forefront of a popular thing in which the people are interested in and it led a collapse for the city.》

    The library which is proud of a splendid equipment has a nickname of Disney Land in the political world,and there is a videotape of discussion on TV in which he was defeated by Kennedy.

    “I don’t have to hide it anymore.” As his remarks show,everyone can listen to the record which is proof of his hiding maneuvering for the affair of Watergate in the library.

    【The State of Colorado.】

    《Top of the U.S.A.》

    There is a city where the Olympic Games decided to be open once but it cancelled. As each country has struggled in order to open the Olympic Games at present,so it is hard to imagine it,but it is the capital of the State,Denver in Colorado which did it so as to protect the city from destruction of the environment.

    The States along the Rocky Mountains are populated so little that they call the places the empty states,and the nature has been…

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    【The State of Colorado.】

    《The top of the U.S.A.》

    …and the State prevents the nature from destroying by lots of people who tried to live there,and the State of Colorado is also the typical one,so it makes much of both of the nature and the communication between the people.

    When the crisis in the Gulf broke out summer in 1990,the former President Goerge Bush was attending an international meeting in a city of the Rokie Mountains. The international meeting in the cool air is one of salespoint in the State.

    The President was surprised and confused to hear the news of the crisis in the Gulf,but was encouraged by then English Prime Minister,Thatcher,who tapped him in the back and said,“George,don’t flinch away from it! Please do firmly what you think it is right!” After that his strong and consistent attitude was fresh in my memory,the author said long long ago.

    The Colorado means a red color in Spanish. It means the Colorado River where red earth and sand flew into and it was …

  • No: 300燻し銀三(57♂Oe38xe)スレ主更新時刻18/07/15 18:24

    【The State of Colorado.】

    《The top of the U.S.A.》

    …and it has been covered with the red color. Colorado joined in America in 1876 after a century the country was established,so it has a nickname of the State of the anniversary of a hundred years.

    Except for the Rocky Mountains including the Mt.Elbert which is the tallest in the U.S.A. there is nothing to say,and average latitude in the State is the highest in the America,so some people call the State the top of the U.S.A. The way of calling is suitable.

    The place used to be the Native Indian’s sphere of influence,but Spain conquered it in 1706,and the eastern area belonged to the America in 1803,and the western part also belonged to America through the war between Mexico in 1848.

    Takayama city in Gifu prefecture ties with Denver as sister. Both of the cities are in highland. Denver is 1600 meters above sea level and has a nickname of Mile High City.

    There are lots of the Federal Government‘s land like a national park in the Rocky…

  • No: 301燻し銀三(57♂Oe38xe)スレ主更新時刻18/07/15 21:38

    【The State of Colorado.】

    《The top of the U.S.A.》

    There are plenty of the Federal Government‘s land like a national park in the Rocky Mountain,and facilities or officials of the Federal Government are conspicuous. They call Denver little Washington D.C. and there is a place called the Washington park where the garden of the house George Washington was born was reproduced.

    They modeled the assembly hall of the State on that of the Federal Government of Washington D.C. and the part of the doom which shines with the gold foil alone is unique. It shows off the characteristics of Colorado where the mineral resource is produced plentifully.

    When the World War II brought about the persecution against the American of Japanese ancestry went bad,the governor of Colorado,Ralph Carr,addressed the Japanese like the next.

    “The American of Japanese ancestry are also the ones who swear allegiance to the U.S.A. It’s just that their race is same as our enemy. They don’t have to be worried about it.”

  • No: 302燻し銀三(57♂Oe38xe)スレ主更新時刻18/07/15 22:05

    【The State of Colorado.】

    《The top of the U.S.A.》

    The governor continued talking,“Without hesitating,please come here.”

    It is said that thousands of the Americans of Japanese ancestry got together,and they cooperated with the State who made an effort for the war devotedly and even after the war they worked diligently and did their best for development of the economy and culture on the State.

    There is a place called Sakura Square of which nickname is a little Japanese town where a bust of Ralph Carr made of bronze has been built by the American of Japanese ancestry. They expressed their thanks to the governor‘s firm American spirit in which he prepared for the political risk.

    Japanese students studying abroad who drank and made merry in the midnight in a park were attacked by four American people in 1990. It was caused because of the hate crime,the crime from racial prejudice.

    It is said that the motive of the crime is the antipathy for the rich and impudent Japanese students …

  • No: 303燻し銀三(57♂Oe38xe)スレ主更新時刻18/07/15 22:41

    【The State of Colorado.】

    《The top of the U.S.A.》

    It is said that the motive of the crime is the antipathy for the rich and impudent Japanese students studying abroad. Time has changed and I sympathized the new heartbreak of the American of Japanese ancestry,the author said like that.

    There is a town called Boulder in Colorado. It takes about 20 minutes by car from Denver to north. Yuko Arimori who was a female marathon runner won the gold medal in the Olympic Games and she chose the place for her training,and the place was attracted attention by the mysterious murder case of a girl called JonBenet. The place is familiar with the Japanese. There is a campus of Colorado University which is above average.

    When going westward from Denver,there is the Rocky Mountain,and there is a site for a concert in a park called Red Cross which is associated with the tremendous red sandstone. They’ve made use of its hillside for the seat of the audience,so when being seated,it means they look down…

  • No: 304燻し銀三(57♂Oe38xe)スレ主更新時刻18/07/16 12:10

    【The State of Colorado.】

    《The top of the U.S.A.》

    …it means that they look down the stage from the seat for the audience on the slope of the hillside. At night in summer when looking from the stage to upward,dark forest waves,and they can overlook the bright night view of Denver far away. Moreover looking up again,there are countless stars in the sky.

    Then violent sound of rock‘n roll crept up from the stage to the seat with cool breeze. The audience were impressed with the rock‘n roll which they listened to in the Rocky Mountains.

    Speaking of music,the musical festival in Aspen which is held every summer attracts enthusiast to the music from the world. Not only various concerts,but seminars with regard to the music are held.

    There are lots of international assemblies in which statesmen,financiers,and scholars participate at Aspen in summer,and there are lots of Japanese who were at present at the assembly.

    When trying to make a place for the assembly or to establish researching…

  • No: 305燻し銀三(57♂Oe38xe)スレ主更新時刻18/07/21 07:36

    【The State of Colorado】

    《The top of U.S.A.》

    When trying to make a place for an international assembly or to establish researching city in Japan,it’s remarkable that some cities refer to Aspen like 湘南国際村 in Kanagawa prefecture.

    Aspen used to prosper greatly as a town for silver miner,it was so active,what is called silver rush. While it cost so much for mining the silver,it didn’t pay,so they gave up the sliver mining.

    As a result,the town was deserted at one time,but it has been reborn as the town for the concert and assembly in summer and a ski ground in winter.

    The organization of the Federal Government which is deeply related with the Rocky Mountain has the headquarters for air defense in the North America. They call it NORAD,which used to take a central part in the strategy on atomic weapon against the Soviet Union in the time of the Cold War.

    The NORAD dug out a strong bedrock in the mountain deep underground and established the headquarter so as to resist against the …

  • No: 306燻し銀三(57♂Oe38xe)スレ主更新時刻18/07/21 08:14

    【The State of Colorado.】

    《The top of the U.S.A.》

    The NORAD dug a strong bedrock in the mountain underground and established the headquarter in order to resist against the attck on the atomic bomb. It integrated with the Canadian Air Force and commanded both of them.

    The radar network against the air defense which was connected with the military satellite,the system launching missiles,and the strategic Air Force had had always been ready for a fight.

    However when the Cold War was over,whether or not the big scale of the military facilities should be reduced. It used to be a big problem for both of the State of Colorado and the Federal government.

    The high technology industry which is with regard to the war industry gathered in Denver in the time of the Cold War,for it can take advantage of the land where the air is pure,but in the middle of the end of the Cold War and recession,the State has been eager for invite the foreign companies for their survive.

    JETRO,the Japan External…



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